Preparing Your Home for Fall and Winter

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While some of us are hanging onto the last few warm days of summer, others are already happily sipping their pumpkin spice coffees and looking forward to fall. With school back in session and the leaves starting to take on a hint of colour, it’s time to think about preparing your home for winter. Are you ready?

We’ve got a list of things that will help you get your home set for the cozy season ahead so you can stay warm and comfortable. It’s essential to take these proactive steps to maintain safety and efficiency during the colder months. Keep reading for our comprehensive guide that will walk you through the various tasks to prepare your home for fall and winter. 

Lawn & Garden

Fall is a great time to give your lawn and garden some attention. Clear up any fallen leaves to prevent them from smothering your lawn, or mulch them up so they break down easily. Neglecting to rake up or mulch leaves can deprive your lawn of sunlight. 

It’s a great time to feed your lawn, too. Fall fertilizers will give your grass the nutrients it needs to get ready for spring. If you have bald spots, apply a seeding product and water daily to thicken up any damaged areas.

Clean up any debris in your garden and remove annuals now so you’ll be prepared for spring planting. The fall is a great time to divide any blooming perennials you have, as well to plant bulbs that will provide a welcome pop of colour in early spring. A layer of compost and mulch can provide protection and extra nutrients for the soil. Prune your trees and hedges to prevent tree limbs from falling during the harsh winter months, which can damage your property or cause injuries.

Lastly, don’t forget to drain your garden hose and tuck it away until next year! 


To avoid clogged gutters, clear out any debris in the fall. If you’re already up on a ladder, it’s also a great time to hang up your holiday lights before it becomes uncomfortably cold. Clean gutters promote proper water drainage and prevent storm water from leaking into your home. 

From a ladder, you can use a leaf blower, a power washer, or even your hands to clean out leaves, twigs, and other debris that’s accumulated. If you prefer staying on the ground, there are a variety of attachments available at home goods stores to allow you to reach your gutters safely. 


A smooth asphalt driveway provides a safe surface for both vehicles and pedestrians, but Canadian winters can be damaging. It’s a good idea to inspect your driveway in the fall for signs of wearing, like cracks and potholes. Repairing these now can extend the lifespan of your driveway by preventing further degradation as moisture seeps in then freezes and expands. 

A sealant can help to protect the surface by creating an effective moisture barrier while also preventing oxidation and UV damage. Stock up on driveway-safe products like sand mixtures instead of resorting to de-icing chemicals that are damaging to both your driveway and the environment.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

It’s a good rule of thumb to give these important safety features an inspection around the time that we change the clocks, which means both spring and fall. Run a test to ensure that the detectors are functioning properly, and change out any batteries so you’ll be confident that they’ll alert you in an emergency. 

Emergency Supplies

There’s been an alarming increase in weather-related emergencies as Canadians across the country deal with wildfires and severe storms this summer. Be prepared for winter emergencies by ensuring that you have the supplies you need on hand to keep you and your family safe.

Stock up on a few days’ worth of non-perishable foods and water. Ensure that you have an emergency first aid kit on hand, and keep a flashlight with spare batteries where it’s easily reachable in a power outage. A battery-powered radio can help to keep you connected if you’re unable to charge your phone. 

If anyone in your family requires medication or other health supplies, ensure that you always have enough on hand even if you’re unable to get out to a store for a few days because of a winter storm.

Now is also a good time to check your snow shovels, snow blower, and car brushes and scrapers so you’ll be prepared to clear things off when we get our first big dumping of snow.

Ducts and HVAC System

Before you get ready to turn up the heat, ensure that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is in optimal condition. Fall is a great time to switch out filters, since they can become clogged with summer’s pollen and other environmental pollutants. A clean filter will improve your air quality and flow, making your system run more efficiently while requiring less energy.

It’s also a perfect time to schedule a duct cleaning. As dust, allergens, and other debris accumulates inside of ductwork, your indoor air quality can be negatively impacted, leading to an increase in illness and allergic symptoms. Since Canadians tend to spend a lot more time indoors in the colder months, having your ducts cleaned in the fall is a great way to prevent air quality issues in your home this winter. As an added bonus, clean ducts can also save you money in the long run, since your home’s energy needs will be reduced.

Winter is Coming

Whether you’re still savouring summer’s last heat, or already embracing the coziness of pumpkin spice, winter is just around the corner. Now’s the time to get your home ready. 

By taking these proactive steps to prepare your home for fall and winter, you’ll not only keep your home warm and comfortable but also potentially save on energy costs and prevent costly repairs down the line. Remember, it’s always a good idea to start early and tackle these tasks gradually, ensuring that your home is winter-ready by the time the first snowflake falls.

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