Commercial Duct Cleaning Winnipeg

If you’re a business owner or work in an industrial setting, you understand the importance of ensuring a safe working environment. The occupational health and safety of your team is essential to your success.

Whyte Ridge provides complete Winnipeg power vac services for small and large commercial settings. Our diesel-powered truck-mounted suction and air compressor are ideal for industrial applications. We use top-of-the-line negative air machines that turn your entire duct work into one giant vacuum cleaner.

At Whyte Ridge, we know that businesses are being negatively impacted by increasing costs. However, having your commercial ducts cleaned is an investment in reducing your costs. Clean ducts improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system so that a more comfortable temperature can be maintained with lowered energy costs. This saves you money and also helps to avoid costly and unexpected breakdowns or repairs.

Our team is certified to work in a wide range of commercial settings including:


Seniors' homes

Medical Buildings





Commercial Buildings

Air quality issues can affect your employees’ health, resulting in more time off work. Trust Whyte Ridge to keep you on target with a safer working environment and better indoor air quality.

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Equipment We Clean

Commercial Mold Removal

A healthy workplace is essential to safeguard your employees and your business. If you’re facing issues related to mold or water damage, Whyte Ridge Duct Cleaning Winnipeg can help.

We use Benefect, a highly effective botanical solution that’s ideal for restoration and remediation. It’s proven to be 99.99% effective against bacteria and eliminates odours so that all you’re left with is the assurance of cleaner, safer air quality.

Benefect is approved for use on HVAC systems as well as air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. It also meets specifications under the International Green Construction Code and qualifies under LEED v4.

For mold removal in the Winnipeg area, trust Whyte Ridge to get results with the application of Benefect.