How clean ducts improve business.

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Most homeowners know that you should have your ducts cleaned and HVAC system inspected regularly. But did you know that the ducts at your workplace also need regular cleaning and maintenance? 

That’s right, commercial ducts require just as much – if not more – TLC than the ducts in your home! If you’re a small business owner, your profitability and success can be impacted by something as simple as overlooking the dust that’s collecting in your ductwork.

Commercial environments are highly susceptible to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris, all of which can build up in the ducts. If you don’t schedule routine commercial duct cleaning, these contaminants recirculate in your workspace, contributing to increased costs and employee absenteeism, and reducing the effectiveness and longevity of your HVAC system. 

Don’t believe us? Here are just a few ways having your commercial ducts cleaned can improve everything from health to productivity:

Reduced allergies and colds

We’ve all become much more aware in recent years of how easily illnesses can spread in close quarters, including offices and other work environments. Keeping your commercial ducts cleaned is one way to reduce exposure to illnesses, by preventing contaminants from recirculating in your air.

Dust, allergens, and even viruses can negatively impact your air quality if your ducts aren’t cleaned regularly. This contributes to employee absenteeism, which is a costly and frustrating problem, especially for small businesses. Dust and allergens can also increase the risk of health concerns like asthma and allergies. 

Reduce the number of sick days your employees take and increase their health and productivity at work with the improved air quality afforded by clean ducts. Scheduling regular, professional duct cleaning is an investment in your employees’ health and can contribute to the success of your business.

Elimination of dangerous mold

Mold is a serious threat to our health, yet ignoring spaces like ductwork can allow it to thrive in our environment. The combination of hot, humid air and cold metal ductwork can contribute to condensation, providing an ideal place for mold to grow. This can be damaging to your ductwork and HVAC system, but it also has a negative impact on indoor air quality. 

Regularly having your commercial ducts cleaned and inspected can reduce the risk of mold growth, protecting you and your employees from the health impacts of mold exposure. You’ll also protect the longevity of your HVAC system and building integrity.

Better HVAC functioning

Accumulation of dirt and dust in your ducts can affect your entire HVAC system’s performance. Your system will have to work harder to achieve your desired temperature setting, leaving you uncomfortably hot in the summer or cold in the winter. 

Because dirty ducts also limit air flow, your HVAC system will be subject to increased wear and tear. This could lead to untimely and costly repairs or replacement that is preventable with something as simple as regular duct cleaning. 

And clean ducts actually improve energy efficiency, since air will circulate more easily. Want to reduce the amount of money you spend heating or air conditioning your business? Having the ducts cleaned will have a direct impact on energy costs.

It’s just smart business

When it comes to your ducts, it’s better to be proactive than reactive. If you’re a business owner, scheduling a regular visit by a professional duct cleaning company can help your bottom line by reducing absenteeism, boosting productivity, and saving you money on cleaning requirements and energy use.  

If you’re looking for reliable and professional duct cleaning, Whyte Ridge Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning in Winnipeg can provide you with affordable, reliable service. No scams, no upsells, no gimmicks; just exceptional cleaning services that will keep your business healthy.  

Having your commercial ducts cleaned can have a noticeable impact on your success. Contact us today to book your appointment.