Four reasons to get your ducts cleaned this summer

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If we had to guess, we’d say that this summer is going to be a hot one. The five hottest summers on record have happened in the last decade. Air conditioning used to be seen as a bit of a luxury. But as the summers get warmer, it can become outright dangerous to not have the means to cool your home. 

Summer puts your ducts through a series of unique challenges. As it heats up, you need to stay aware of the health of your ducts. Regular duct cleaning can keep your ducts working correctly and keeps you in control of their well being. 

Cut costs

Keeping cool during the hot summer months is difficult – and expensive. Dirty, unkempt ducts can put a strain on your airflow, thus making it more expensive to keep your home cool. The build-up in ducts can be caused by anything floating in the air. Even if your home is clean, regular dust and dirt can swirl up and cause pretty significant blockages in your ducts. Having your ducts cleaned regularly will keep you from paying exorbitant high rates just to keep your AC running smoothly.

Eliminate pests

You may not know it, but during the winter bugs, mice, and other animals think your ducts are the perfect place to hibernate. Bugs love ducts, especially dirty ones, which gives them a safe and dark place to set up their burrows and nests. When it’s finally spring time all these critters come out of hibernation. Your ducts can quickly turn into a breeding ground for animals. Their waste and food can gather in your ducts, causing damage and foul odours. Getting a summer cleaning can eliminate these problems. Clean ducts will deter pests from vents and get rid of them should they already exist.

Stop mold growth

Summer means humidity, and humidity means mold. Ducts are susceptible to mold built up because they are cool places. Mold often happens to ducts that are near damp areas. But in the summer, air conditioning can cause condensation build up that can lead to mold. 

Mold can be dangerous to breathe in and can severely affect air quality. Dehumidifiers can help keep mold from forming. But if you notice persistent mold problems in the summer months it would be best to have your ducts cleaned.

Reduce allergens and irritants

What’s worse than having a dry, itchy eyes, an uncomfortable nose, and loads of sneezing during the summer? The culprit of this is often allergens. Things like ragweed, tree pollen, grass pollen, and mugwort can cause a myriad of annoying and even painful symptoms. In addition, the air in your home is greatly affected by the cleanliness of your ducts. This is because ducts are constantly taking in air from the outside. So if there are allergens outside, that means you will soon be looking at loads of allergens inside your home. 

Everyone loves the summer, but it can pose a set of unique challenges for your home. To keep your home cool in the summer months, it is crucial to have your ducts serviced. Reliable and trustworthy duct cleaning professionals can help you keep your ducts clean and working properly.