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Power Vac Equipment that Works

Whyte Ridge Furnace & Air Duct Cleaning Winnipeg isn’t like other duct cleaning companies. Instead of using poor quality equipment, we’re invested in top-of-the-line power vac equipment that is proven to remove more pollutants from your ducts and ensure higher air quality in your home or business.
By using negative air to clean your ducts, all the debris is safely and effectively pulled from your ducts without seeping out into your home. Our power vac system incorporates the latest technology in agitation equipment, using up to 200PSI air pressure combined with whips and brushes to remove stubborn debris that clings to duct walls.

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We’re also committed to providing robust maintenance and repair services so that you won’t have to replace existing equipment. Our staff is highly trained to clean and service your HVAC equipment, ensuring it will continue to operate at maximum efficiency. This means reduced energy costs for heating and cooling your home, and fewer unexpected and costly breakdowns in the future.

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If you want to be sure your ducts are properly cleaned and your equipment professionally serviced in the Winnipeg area, choose Whyte Ridge to make your home comfortable and safe. Unlike other companies, our team doesn’t work on commission and won’t sell you services you don’t need. Instead, we offer effective power vac services that will improve the air quality in your home and help maintain your existing equipment. Our goal is to keep your family safe with fresh, clean air.


We use the Top Equipment in the Industry

The Best Duct Cleaning Equipment for the Best Results - Vactruck

Whyte Ridge has the strongest duct cleaning equipment in the industry, ideal for customers looking for the best results. Some electric portable duct cleaning machines draw only 2000 CFM and a normal gas truck draws about 6000 CFM. Whyte Ridge’s equipment draws in 17,000 CFM, almost five times the power of competitors’ negative air equipment! This guarantees your ducts will be cleaned better than with any other unit on the market. Our truck safely contains all allergens, hair, and debris and carries it away with us, leaving you with nothing but clean ducts.

Duct cleaning truck

The Best Portable Electric Equipment on the Market - HyperVac220v

Whyte Ridge uses the strongest portable duct cleaning equipment in the industry, ideal for customers with smaller homes or who frequently clean their air duct system. Hypervac220v has 6000 CFM which is very effective suction for houses under 1500sqft. We can also service condos and apartments with limited access from large equipment.

Competitors Equipment


This method only works on heat vents because it uses the furnace blower fan to push air towards the vacuum. A box then catches the dirt and the compressor breaks up the dust on the side of the vents. This method cannot clean the cold air vents properly because the blower fan isn’t able to push debris into the box. Using this duct cleaning method is so ineffective that you might as well use a shop vac yourself.

Home Duct Cleaning


A Rotobrush uses a vacuum with a rotating head to clean the vents. The brush knocks off the dirt and debris from the sides of the duct wall and vacuums whatever comes loose. This inadequate cleaning method doesn’t reach all areas of the ducts, resulting in poorly cleaned ducts. The large head isn’t nimble enough to access all areas of the ducts and cannot clean as effectively as a commercial compressor with whip heads.

Premium Air Duct Cleaning

Home Air Duct Cleaning with Gas Powered Truck
$ 299
Homes under 1500 Square Feet
  • 1500-2000 sqft 349.99
  • 2000-2500 sqft for $399.99
  • 2500 sqft < Estimate Required