Duct Cleaning
Whyte Ridge uses top of the line negative air machines to turn the entire duct work into one GIANT vacuum cleaner.
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Industrial-grade Suction
We use industrial grade duct cleaning equipment that uses negative air.
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Improved air quality

At Whyte Ridge Duct Cleaning Winnipeg, we provide homeowners as well as commercial clients with service they can trust. We’ve invested in the most powerful negative air equipment to professionally power vac your ducts. We also use botanical sanitizers that are 99.99% effective against bacteria, mold and odours, giving you the assurance of safer, better air quality. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Protect your health

Whyte Ridge knows how important air quality is to your overall health. That’s why we use high-powered power vac technology that’s more effective than our competitors’ equipment. Our trustworthy service thoroughly removes dirt, dust and pollutants and sanitizes your ducts so that you’re protected with cleaner air.

Choosing the right furnace filter can help protect both your health and your HVAC system. Here’s some guidance on how to make sure you’re buying the right one.

Reliable service

Our team also provides reliable furnace maintenance to protect your health and HVAC system, ensuring smooth functioning and maximizing the life of your unit. Whyte Ridge’s staff is fully trained to service gas and electrical heating equipment, including inspections. We never work on commission, giving you confidence that you’ll only be sold the services you need.

When it comes to the air you breathe, don’t take chances. Count on Whyte Ridge Duct Cleaning Winnipeg to give you better air quality and reliable maintenance for your heating and cooling systems. Our team of skilled professionals will put the health of your family and your business first.

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High-power duct cleaning service

Whyte Ridge uses top of the line negative air machines to turn the entire duct work into a giant vacuum cleaner. We then use the latest agitation technology to remove all the dirt, dust, and hair. We will never use rotobrush or shopvacs like some of our competitors. Negative air is guaranteed to remove debris where that equipment cannot. 


Trained professionals

At Whyte Ridge, all staff are properly trained to service gas and electrical heating equipment. We are also registered with the City of Winnipeg to complete inspections on gas-fired appliances.