Maintenance: Clean, repair or replace?

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Chances are you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your air ducts. It’s not your fault – they’re hidden by design! Although often forgotten, your ducts need just as much care as any other functional appliance in your home. 

This means getting your ducts cleaned and inspected regularly to keep them working well and free of dust and other allergens. But sometimes a simple cleaning isn’t enough. Did you know the pros recommend having ducts, or at least parts of your ductwork, replaced every ten to fifteen years?! 

How do you know if it is time to replace ductwork? Unfortunately, the signs that you need to replace ducts and the signs that you need to get your ducts cleaned are pretty similar. 

In both cases, you’ll notice decreased heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) effectiveness and weaker airflow in your home. These can lead to dusty, mildewy smells and increased sneezing, coughing, and allergy-like symptoms. And because your HVAC system has to work harder to push air through vents, you’ll be saddled with higher energy bills while having a lower level of comfort. 

It can be hard to determine if these symptoms are the result of dirty ducts or just ducts that need to be repaired or replaced. If you live in a newer home or know that your ducts have recently been replaced or inspected, you likely just need a thorough cleaning. 

If your ducts are over fifteen years old, it’s time to call a reliable duct professional to inspect your ducts. Our technicians can determine if there are holes, leaks, or collapsed areas in your ducts that could contribute to decreased airflow. 

One way you can test yourself is to turn on your HVAC system and listen carefully. No, you won’t look crazy – the way your ducts sound can actually reveal a lot about their overall health and functioning. 

If you hear mysterious groans, clanks, and wheezes, it could mean that areas of your ductwork have collapsed or become distorted. These strange noises could be your ducts trying to communicate their distress to you.

Depending on the type of vents you have, you might be able to see clearly what state your ducts are in. Carefully remove the vent cover and use a flashlight to aid your visual inspection. If anything looks out of the ordinary, like dents or bulges, you’ll definitely want to call in the experts to inspect them. 

In some homes, not all ducts are covered or hidden. Basements or attics often have exposed vents that aren’t covered by walls. Take a look at these as well and note any gaps, dents, missing connectors, loose screws, or an overall dilapidated look. Any of these could be a sign that your ducts are due for maintenance.

If you notice any of these worrying signs, don’t panic. Give us a call at Whyte Ridge Furnace and Air Duct Cleaning, and we can determine the next steps to protect the life of your HVAC system. Our technicians are able to accurately diagnose problems with your ducts and determine a plan of action for their repair. This could range from a professional cleaning to repair of specific sections to replacement of problem areas in your ductwork.

At Whyte Ridge, we’re proud to provide the Winnipeg area with trustworthy, reliable duct cleaning and furnace services. We are committed to providing an exceptional customer experience with expert advice and HVAC maintenance.

Keeping your home comfortable requires a high functioning HVAC system connected to clean ductwork, protecting your family from unhealthy allergens and temperature fluctuations. If you’re concerned that your ductwork may be due for a repair or replacement, call us to book an inspection and we can determine the next steps to keep your ducts in excellent shape. 

Don’t suffer from poor-performing ducts. Whether they need a quick cleaning or a total overhaul, your ducts will be working perfectly in no time. Contact us today and get your ducts back in shape.