How to keep ducts clean during a home renovation

What could be more exciting than a long awaited home renovation finally happening? Knowing your home will look, feel, and function better can be a huge relief. However, there is one concern you should keep in mind while embarking on your home renovation – dust!  Whether you are redoing the kitchen, replacing floors, or renovating […]

Rental property: the value of duct cleaning

If you own rental units, you know that keeping them clean in between renters is no easy task. Every move-out means fresh paint, clean floors, and a scrubbed-up bathroom. But what about your vents and air ducts?  The ducts in your rental building or unit are comprised of an intricate web of channels and tubes […]

Maintenance: Clean, repair or replace?

Chances are you don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your air ducts. It’s not your fault – they’re hidden by design! Although often forgotten, your ducts need just as much care as any other functional appliance in your home.  This means getting your ducts cleaned and inspected regularly to keep them working well […]

How clean ducts improve business.

Most homeowners know that you should have your ducts cleaned and HVAC system inspected regularly. But did you know that the ducts at your workplace also need regular cleaning and maintenance?  That’s right, commercial ducts require just as much – if not more – TLC than the ducts in your home! If you’re a small […]

There are a surprising number of ways to use dryer lint

Hopefully, we’ve convinced you to clear out that little lint trap on your dryer with our recent blog post. Making sure it’s emptied regularly is essential to reduce the risk of a dryer-related fire, since lint is highly flammable and causes thousands of preventable fires each year. It’s also important because it helps keep your […]

The risk of ignoring dryer lint

Some oddly love it, some hate it, but most of us don’t think much about it. Dryer lint is made up of tiny microfibres that your clothes shed as they tumble around in the dryer. Most of it is collected in a lint trap, which should be cleaned out after every single load. Let’s be […]

Four reasons to get your ducts cleaned this summer

If we had to guess, we’d say that this summer is going to be a hot one. The five hottest summers on record have happened in the last decade. Air conditioning used to be seen as a bit of a luxury. But as the summers get warmer, it can become outright dangerous to not have […]

What are ducts?

You know your home has ducts. You know you have to clean and maintain those ducts. But what are ducts, and what do they do? Basically, ducts are just passages for air. They’re used for heating and cooling and are vital to keeping your home comfortable. More importantly, ducts are necessary for air circulation and […]

The dos and don’ts of keeping your vents clean

Are you old enough to remember plastic-covered couches? (I won’t make you admit it!) But legend has it that people used to wrap their furniture and lampshades in cellophane in a futile attempt to keep them from getting dusty.  Can you imagine? Walking into your home, kicking off your shoes (as all good Canadians do), […]

Allergy proof your home

It’s that time of year again, when millions of allergy sufferers are stocking up on tissues and nasal sprays. The arrival of spring means warmer temperatures, blooming gardens, and an annual resurgence of mold and pollen everywhere. Unfortunately for those with sensitivities, our homes throw out a welcome mat for mold and pollen. Not only […]